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To the memory of Carole Landis, 1919-1948

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Whatever the achievements of this Bronx romantic, they are founded on faith in the ultimate harmony between reality and the intuitions of desire, a harmony of which Carole's example has offered me belated assurance. These fragments of my personal encounter with Carole are about me only because they are about her, her gift to me a small part of her gift to the world.

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Now that my book on Carole has been published by the University of Mississippi Press, I am making available to the public some of my research materials. Those who need further access to my research database should contact me.

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Carole sights and sounds

Understanding Carole

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Carole geography

  Carole's 12 LA area residences, 1937-1948  

San Bernardino

The Bronsonia Apartments  (1937-38?)

2042 Stanley Hills Place
1130 S. Clark Drive (1938?-39)
2417 Patricia Ave. (1939) The Sunset Tower Apartments (late 1939-40?)
The Westwood house
The Oliver house in Brentwood (1940-42) 
Carole's Santa Monica beach house (1942-43) The Sunset Plaza Apartments (1943-44)
The Rubini house, Beverly Hills (1945-46)  232 S. Mapleton Drive (1946-47)

1465 Capri Drive (1947-48)


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