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Carole had a lovely voice and always loved to sing; she got her real start in show business as a singer with Carl Ravazza's band in the Bay area. Unfortunately, she never seems to have cut any records, but there are songs in several of her films as well as in a few surviving clips of her many wartime radio and stage performances.

The story goes that at the age of eight (actually nine, since the song was released in 1928), while attending "amateur night" at the Strand Theater in San Bernardino, Carole ran up on stage and sang this song; her mother and brother were too surprised to applaud:

"That's My Weakness Now" (Bud Green - Sam Stept, 1928) - 3:21 525 K (rm file)


"I Should Have Known You Years Ago" (Hoagy Carmichael) from Road Show (1941) - 2:20  2.2 Mb
(this isn't really Carole singing, but she mouths the words in the film)

"There's Something in the Air" (Harold Adamson - Jimmy McHugh) from Dance Hall (1941) - 1:43  1.6 Mb

"There's a Lull in My Life" (Harry Revel - Jack Gordon) from Dance Hall (1941) - 1:32  1.4 Mb

"The Things I Love" (Harold Barlow - Lewis Harris) from I Wake Up Screaming (1941) - 0:58  0.9 Mb

"I Like it Here" with Cesar Romero and the Woody Herman Band (Nacio Herb Brown) from Wintertime (1943) - 3:03  1.4 Mb

"Crazy Me" (Harold Adamson - Jimmy McHugh) from Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) - 1:39  1.6 Mb

"Flame Song" (John Francis Webster) from A Scandal in Paris (1946) - 3:02  1.8 Mb

"I Know Myself Too Well" (Ross Porter) from Brass Monkey / Lucky Mascot (1948) - 2:06  1.7 Mb

* * *

"O the Desert, O the Prairie" with Groucho Marx from a radio show (1943) - 3:27  2.0 Mb

"I'm Your Pin-Up Girl" from a stage performance (c. 1944) - 2:00  1.9 Mb


Command Performance

These radio programs were aired to the armed forces during and after WW II, from March 1942 to early 1950. They included songs and little skits. Carole was in several of these (and hosted one). I have excerpted her performances; full programs are available from a number of sources, notably the Old Time Radio site,

No. 96  12-11-43  BOB HOPE, CL, Martha Raye, Kaye Francis, Mitzi Mayfair (of Four Jills in a Jeep)
Selection is a skit involving the "Four Jills" - 5:20  1.2 Mb

 No. 126  06-24-44 "ALL WESTERN COMMAND PERFORMANCE" - BOB HOPE, CL, Roy Rogers, Frank Sinatra, Cottonseed Clark.
Selection contains "I'm an Old Cowhand," a Western skit, and some clowning around - 9:33  1.7 Mb

* * *

Hollywood Star Records: Recording made July 2, 1948 2:26 2.2 Mb

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