Carole's Santa Monica Beach House

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Carole lived at 703 Ocean Front, Santa Monica, now 703 Palisades Beach Road (actually the Pacific Coast Highway) from about February 1, 1942 to December 1, 1943.

From the beach side; the house is hidden by a wall and high hedge.


Another shot from the beach; the blue wall belongs to the next house down.

The location is just opposite Montana Ave, up a few doors from the Jonathan Club.

The stucco has probably been redone since 1942.

The front on PCH is anything but inviting; a couple of locked gates flanking a garage. No front door, and they don't answer the bell.




The front building is the garage with a second-floor apartment. The main house is behind it.

The hedge is visible on the beach side
The view from the top


The neighborhood 

The way it used to be

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