San Bernardino (with Denny Miller)

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February 23, 2004 April 19, 2006

Carole's old grade school



St  Bernardine's, Clara's parish church, where Carole was confirmed.

At the schoolhouse door

Carole's Junior High School, now Sturges Center for the Fine Arts

The 1937 residence of Carole's father, Alfred Ridste.

San Bernardino High

This is probably Carole's old house at 175 Bryant St. It has been renumbered and attached to a property on the nearest cross street, but it occupies the right lot and it looks old enough to have been there in the 1920s.
A neighboring patch of grass where a garage probably once stood. Carole must have played in this tree.
To the east, you can see the mountains in the distance. The view to the west.
The house once inhabited by  Carole's school friend Peggy Freeman.

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