The Westwood House

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Around March, 1940, Carole and her mother rented a small house at 1816 Prosser Ave. in southern Westwood, where they lived with three dogs and, for a time at least, a girl friend. When Carole married Willis Hunt, Jr. in July 1940, they returned to the house to live; when they were separated after two months in September 1940, Carole moved out, and shortly after moved (with her mother) to the Oliver house in Brentwood.
Newlyweds Carole and Willis Hunt, July 5, 1940

The house at 1816 has been replaced by a modern apartment complex. Next door at 1820 is a craftsman house completed in 1938 that probably gives a good idea of what Carole's was like.

The current 1816 Prosser next door


A wider view of this unpretentious, lower middle-class street.

Old trees across the street that Carole may have seen from her window


At the end of the block is "little" Santa Monica Blvd, now being merged with the main boulevard.


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along Prosser Avenue


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