Carole's Brentwood House

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Carole rented this house at 12424 Sunset Boulevard (a little over two miles west of UCLA), formerly occupied by Edna May Oliver, in late 1940, after her breakup with Willis Hunt, and lived there until about February 1, 1942, when she moved to her beach house in Santa Monica.

Silver Screen, June 1941:

"CL, whose film career has been going up by leaps and bounds, has rented the house formerly owned, and lived in, by Edna May Oliver. She definitely gives it a "something" that Edna May never gave it. When someone commented on the bars on all the windows, C said, 'I didnít put them there. I like people coming in. Miss Oliver put them there.'"



Carole carving a turkey for photographers in the yard of her Brentwood home, Thanksgiving, 1941.


This house has (or had) ten rooms.

A view from over the gate

Sunset Boulevard from the driveway, looking east.

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