The Sunset Tower

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According to Kirk Crivello (Fallen Angels, Citadel Press, 1988, p. 90), after being chosen for One Million BC, Carole moved to the Sunset Tower Apartments, on the Sunset Strip at 8358 Sunset Boulevard, in late 1939 or early 1940. She didn't stay very long; around March, 1940, she and her mother rented a small house on Prosser Ave. in southern Westwood, where she resided (including her two-month marriage to Willis Hunt, Jr. from July to September 1940) until moving to the Oliver house in Brentwood in March, 1941.
Carole in 1940

The Sunset Tower, a striking Art Deco building erected in 1929, is now the Argyle Hotel; the hotel home page includes a history of the building that mentions a number of its celebrity residents--perhaps needless to say, not Carole.

At a number of points on the facade and elsewhere are bas-reliefs of pseudo-occult symbols.

For some reason the street number 8358 is nowhere visible on the building or on the hotel literature.

The elegant art-deco railings in the lobby

The Comedy Store, visible across the street just a block west of the Tower, was once Ciro's, Carole's favorite evening haunt.


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