Current Issue

Anthropoetics XXII, no. 1
Fall 2016

2016 Conference Issue

Kiyoshi Kawahara and Matthew Taylor – Introduction to the 2016 Conference Issue


Kinjo Occult Research Group – A Door to another World: The Imagination in Japanese Folkways and Religion

Aya Ryusawa – Mastering the Visualization of Heroic Narratives within Daimyō Families: The Illustrated Scroll of Shutendōji in the Edo period
[Japanese version]
Kenshin Kirihara – The Birth of a Myth: Civil War and Sacrifice in Early Meiji Japan
[Japanese version] 
Shoko Komatsu – The Haunted Mansion and <Woman>: Otherworldly Apparitions in the Modern Cities of Japan
[Japanese version] 

Ian Dennis – “More Skilled Practitioners of Wanting”: Buddhism and Romanticism in the Market World

Edmond Wright – How to read religious poems anthropoetically (using examples from Gerard Manley Hopkins and Kobayashi Issa)

Magdalena Złocka – Dąbrowska – Cratos as Cognition: Gans and Dumézil in Dialogue on Language and Violence


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