Preservation and Availability Guarantee

Since 2014, each issue of Anthropoetics has been submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office at the Library of Congress, the United States of America’s national library. Issue- and article-level metadata (including licensing) as well as PDFs of each article and each issue as a whole are included in the Library’s collections.[1]

In accordance with the preservation and dissemination implied 2002 Budapest initiative’s self-archiving recommendations, authors may deposit copies of record in institutional repositories.

The following Humanities Computing Facility (HCF) electronic document policy applies to Anthropoetics:

“It is the policy of HCF that any electronic document or series of electronic documents published on the HUMnet web servers be made continuously available, barring technical difficulties or violation of the HCF Acceptable Use Policy. This service includes moving the document or series to new electronic delivery platforms when and if that is deemed necessary, but does not preclude the document or series publisher from removing them from distribution.”

Karie Masterson, Director, Humanities Computing Facility, UCLA

[1] [Library of Congress bibliographical record] Anthropoetics. Los Angeles, CA: Anthropoetics, [1995]-1, no. 1 (spring/summer 1995)- . GN33. ISSN: 1083-7264.