Carole Landis 6: 1940-1941

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PREVIOUS Carole with handkerchief (1940), Screen Guide February 1941 Romantic Carole c. 1940 Dixie cup lid (1940) and a weight ticket c. 1942 A summer dress (1940-collection of Philip Castanza) Carole on skates, Movie Life November 1940 Franchot Tone lighting her fire, Screen Romances February 1941 Exercising Carole (1940), Movie Stars Parade March 1941 Another biking shot (1940), Movie Stars Parade March 1941 Unsmiling in American Magazine, January 1941
Screaming Carole, Movie-Radio Guide March 22, 1941 Carole the Easter bunny (1940-family collection) Polka-dot Carole, New York Sunday Mirror March 19, 1941 The most beautiful girl in the world, Screen Guide April 1941 With Gene Markey, Screen Guide April 1941 With Gene Markey from another angle, Silver Screen March 1941 A photographic version Irresistable Carole, with Raymond Hakim, Modern Screen June 1941 "She's beautiful!" Look April 22, 1941 With General Mauborgne, Mme Zanuck (February, 1941)
Another shot with the Major General at the Academy Awards With Greg Bautzer and June Duprez A tasteful décolleté, Movie Life July 1941 A lovely portrait, early 1941 Meditative Carole, Silver Screen June 1941 A brighter version, Photoplay January 1945 Sweet Carole (1941), Photoplay November 1943 Sad Carole Carole in rayon c. 1941 Reclining in rayon c. 1941
Which one would you look at? Moon over Miami (1941) Made up by a Westmore At the Texas hamburger stand, Moon over Miami (1941) Carole recumbent, Moon over Miami (1941) *"Miss Sears" with Betty and Charlotte, Moon over Miami (1941) Pick the beautiful sister, Moon over Miami (1941) On the beach with a monkey, Moon over Miami (1941) A sweeter monkey shot, Moon over Miami (1941) An unflattering décolleté, Modern Screen October 1941 Same shot as a photograph
Carole on the sand, Motion Picture August 1941 With Betty and Bob, Moon over Miami (1941) *Two happy couples, Moon over Miami (1941) With just Bob, Moon over Miami (1941) Dining with Bob, Moon over Miami (1941) The couples pair off, Moon over Miami (1941) A magnificent portrait, Moon over Miami (1941) A brighter variant, Moon over Miami (1941) *That vase again, Moon over Miami (1941) NEXT


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