Carole Landis 5: 1940

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PREVIOUS Conked in Road Show (1940) Lovely smile from Road Show (1940) With Adolphe Menjou, Road Show (1940) Lovely even split in half, Movie Life December 1940 Another shot with Alfred, Road Show (1940) Spinning the wheel, True Romances December 1940 The magic camera, Road Show (1940) At the taffy machine, Road Show (1940) With Willie Best, Road Show
On the carousel, Road Show (1940) Penguin at dinner, Road Show (1940) Carole at the buffet table, Road Show (1940) The center of attention, Road Show (1940) A stunning dress from Road Show (1940) Even more stunning, if possible (1940) With John Hubbard, Road Show (1940) Carole in ermine (1940) An unflattering shot (1940) Same dress as a Dixie premium (1940)
A livelier shot Carole on ice, Movie Life December 1940 Carole at the door (1940) Carole in a negligee (1940) Carole in mink (1940) Carole in suede (1940) An alluring pose, Picture Play December 1940 In a pensive mood Carole's saddest portrait (1940) Wistful Carole (1940-family collection)
Making up Carole c. 1940 The star witness, Topper Returns (1940) A decorative Carole, Topper Returns (1940) Decorative closeup, Topper Returns (1940) A happier Carole, Topper Returns (1940) Between leg art and glamour (1940) A lovely cover, Cinelandia August 1940 The Landis line, Motion Picture October 1940 With Dennis O'Keefe, Topper Returns (1940) A pensive shot, Topper Returns (1940)
With Joan Blondell, Topper Returns (1940) A difficult situation, Topper Returns (1940) With Roland Young et al., Topper Returns (1940) Attempted murder, Topper Returns (1940) Deep freeze, Topper Returns (1940) Final showdown, Topper Returns (1940) Carole in a tennis costume, Topper Returns (1940) A girl and her dog Carole in plaid, Topper Returns (1940) NEXT


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