Carole Landis 7: 1941

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PREVIOUS Same dress, contemplative pose (1941) Carole was never lovelier, Showgirls' Pinup Parade March 1944 Carole was never sexier, Film Fun May 1942 An aristocratic pose, Moon over Miami (1941) Langorous Carole (1941), Screenland September 1942 Sophisticated Carole, Moon over Miami (1941) Sophisticated Carole in color (1941) A slightly more somber version (1941) That lovely dress at full length (1941)
Carole en deshabille (1941) With Jack Haley et al., Moon over Miami (1941) Fun with Carole (1), Movie Stars Parade July 1941 Fun with Carole (2), Movie Stars Parade July 1941 Determined Carole, Colliers May 10, 1941 Carole by Harry Crocker, March 24, 1941 (Courtesy of Diane Madir) World-weary Carole (1941) World-weary Carole in monochrome, Movies May 1941 Carole on fur (1941) Seductive Carole (1941)
Colorized seduction (1941), Hit Parader, July 1945 Carole with Charlie, Movie-Radio Guide April 19, 1941 The sweater girl c. 1941 A sweeter sweater girl c. 1941 Quizzical sweater girl Movie Stars Parade August 1941 Sweater girl with an inch off on top. A sweater cover, Broadcast Songs August 1943 Sweater cover girl, Screenland June 1941 A lovely cover, Movies July 1941 The sweater girl in a more intimate pose c. 1941
Happy sweater girl c. 1941, Screenland July 1943 Carole in fur, August 1941 With Captain (not Fidel) Castro of Cuba, Hollywood August 1941 *With Alice Faye and Cesar Romero at the Ambassador With Frances Langford, Screen Guide July 1941 Carole with puppies, Screen Guide July 1941 Carole in the looking glass, Screen Guide July 1941 Athletic sweater girl, Life June 30, 1941 One of Carole's sexier pictures, Life June 30, 1941 A gift from the boys, Fort Ord, June 1941
Dining at Fort Ord, June 1941 Sgt Carole, June 1941 A jill in a jeep, June 1941 With the boys, June 1941 Some more boys, and a dog, June 1941 With the officers, June 1941 Carole, the dog, and Georgie Jessel, Movie-Radio Guide July 5, 1941 Wardrobe shot, Dance Hall (1941) Title Card from Dance Hall (1941) NEXT


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