Carole Landis 2: 1939-1940

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PREVIOUS Cute hat, lovely smile c. 1939, O Cruzeiro February 4, 1961 Elegant simplicity c. 1939 A more appealing pose c. 1939 (family collection) An awkward pose c. 1939 (family collection) A cheerful pose c. 1939 (family collection) A girl and her dog c. 1939 (family collection) A sunny outfit c. 1939 (family collection) A magnificent dress c. 1939 A lovely ensemble c. 1939 (family collection)
Modeling with dog c. 1939 Nice jacket, but the turban... c. 1939 (family collection) The femme fatale (1939-family collection) Carole in a hairnet (1939-family collection) Carole in furs (1939-family collection) Smiling Carole in furs (1939-family collection) Modeling costume jewelry (1939) A striking modeling shot (1939) Ladder to success? c. 1939 A 1 Million BC-era pinup c. 1939
A pinup of similar vintage, Carnival Show September 1941 B. C. Carole with brother Lawrence, his wife Helen, and mother Clara, Dec. 13, 1939 (family collection) Carole's first hit, 1 Million BC (1939) Loana, 1 Million BC (1939) Determined Loana, Film Fun, July 1940 Loana on the rocks (1939) Loana with a spear (1939) Sultry Loana, 1 Million BC (1939) Maternal Loana, 1 Million BC (1939) The same in black and white (1939)
Loana as model, 1 Million BC (1939) Woman and snake, 1 Million BC (1939) Another snakey shot, 1 Million BC (1939) Riding a mammoth, 1 Million BC (1939) Loana and friend, 1 Million BC (1939) Another shot from 1 Million BC Love on the rocks, 1 Million BC (1939-family collection) Caveman tenderness, 1 Million BC (1939) Facing danger with Victor Mature, 1 Million B.C. Attack of the colorized lizard, 1 Million BC
Sharing a cigarette (1939) Relaxing on the set, Film Fun September 1940 Loana in bad lighting, Pic February 20, 1940 Loana in red, New York Sunday Mirror 1940 Loana in black and white, Click July, 1940 Carole at croquet, Click July, 1940 A steamy cover, Pic April 16, 1940 Too steamy for Hays, Pic April 16, 1940 Carole then and now, Motion Picture May 1940 NEXT


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