Carole Landis 3: 1940

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PREVIOUS With longtime beau Kenny Morgan Lovely Carole in an early fashion shot, Photoplay June 1940 Another shot from the same page, Photoplay June 1940 Modeling in a suede dress, April 1940 The Turnabout title card (1940) Carole front and center, Turnabout (1940) From Turnabout, Screen Guide June 1940 Flowers in her hair (1940) Flowers on her dress, Modern Screen July 1940
From a family poster (1940-family collection) The Turnabout comedienne, Silver Screen July 1940 The Turnabout beauty, Screenland July 1940 With John Hubbard (1940-family collection) With Hubbard and Dole (1940-family collection) A cute shot from Turnabout (1940) Carole and John turned about (1940) Turning about, Click June 1940 Sauce for the swan? (1940) Carole as Leda? Turnabout (1940)
Turnabout (1940) dress with a smile The Turnabout dress in suspended animation (1940) Bathing the dog, Turnabout (1940) *Colorized version of Turnabout dog bath The same outfit in a fashion shot, Cinelandia October 1940 The Turnabout dress in the throes of passion (1940) Another passionate shot (1940) Turnabout dénouement, Picture Show November 9, 1940 The Turnabout dress in an Ophelia-like pose (1940) That dress again... (1940)
Lovely Carole in orange, Screen Life July 1940 An early cover, True Story September 1940 A Turnabout fashion shot (1940) Another Turnabout dress (1940) Colored version of the same picture, Picturegoer October 26, 1940 Same dress, atypically hard look (1940) A meditative pose (1940) From Carole's most beautiful series (1940) A sweet pose, autographed (1940) Another from the same series (1940)
A colored variant, True Romances March 1941 Magnificent Carole (1940) The same shot uncropped (1940) Facing the other way, Song Hits June 1943 Colorized Carole Same chair, different dress (1940) Another pose (1940) A glamorous pose (1940) An unusual pose (1940) NEXT


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