Carole Landis 1: 1925-1939

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The most beautiful picture of Carole, or of anyone (1940) Already in the front row, c. 1925 (family collection) At 15, with sister Dorothy c. 1934 Carole in San Francisco? c. 1936 (family collection) Carole the hula dancer, c. 1936 (family collection) Carole's first film role, Varsity Show (1937) Carole's first published photograph? Screen Book October, 1937 An early modeling shot c. 1937 (family collection) A color cutout version Young Carole in furs (1937)
A less alluring pose, Cine Mundial September 1938 In the swim with Virginia Dale c. 1937 And on the archery range, Picture News (Australia), August 31, 1940 A happy moment with Busby Berkeley (1937-family collection) Find Carole in this picture, Roberta (1938) An early hairdo, Pictorial Review August 1938 Pensive and determined (1938) Facing the other way (1938-family collection) Sweetness and light (1938-family collection) At the center of a sea of faces, Silver Screen April 1938
Carole starting out (1938) Giving us a wink (1938) Carole the Golddigger (1) Film Fun July 1938 Carole the Golddigger (2) Film Fun July 1938 The golddigger from another angle With Rosalind Russell and Joan Blondell, Movie Life July 1938 Carole on the cover, Pic July 12, 1938 And on the inside, Pic July 12, 1938 From the same session (1938) That lovely silhouette, Screen Guide August 1938
That silhouette again, Motion Picture September 1938 With fiancÚ Busby Berkeley (1938-family collection) Another pensive shot (1938-family collection) In high spirits c. 1938 Young Carole c. 1938 An uncomfortable dress c. 1938 Carole's first lead, with John Wayne in Three Texas Steers (1939) At the races with John Wayne, Three Texas Steers (1939) Poster shot from Three Texas Steers (1939) Carole under fire, Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939)
Between victim and perpetrator, Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939) Reading the Times, Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939) Dutiful granddaughter, Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939) Carole in danger, Daredevils of the Red Circle (1939) An awkward swimsuit shot, Screen Guide September 1939 An early and personal autograph c. 1939 Carole in white, Cinelandia August 1940 Another early swimsuit shot (1939) A more natural pose (1939-family collection) NEXT


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