Carole Landis 9: 1941

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PREVIOUS *With Hedda Hopper and Evelyn Keyes at the "HH's Hollywood" premiere, 9/41 Sisters again, I Wake up Screaming (1941) The five principals, I Wake up Screaming (1941) A lovely déshabillé, I Wake Up Screaming (1941) A lovely négligée, I Wake Up Screaming (1941) Carole and friends I, I Wake up Screaming (1941) *Carole and friends II, I Wake up Screaming (1941) Carole and friends III, I Wake up Screaming (1941) Carole and friends IV, I Wake up Screaming (1941)
Between Betty and Victor, I Wake Up Screaming (1941) Dress from I Wake up Screaming (1941) A happier look, Liberty December 27, 1941 Beauty and glamour (1941) A very sweet shot (1941) A closer version (1941) An autographed version (1941) Beautiful profile from I Wake up Screaming (1941) Glamorous Carole, I Wake up Screaming (1941) A closer version, I Wake up Screaming (1941)
A happy version, I Wake up Screaming (1941) A variant pose, Photoplay May 1942 Intriguing Carole, The Family Circle January 1942 Candid shot in the same outfit (1941-collection of Philip Castanza) Title card from Cadet Girl (1941) A costume still from Cadet Girl (1941) A velvet robe from Cadet Girl (1941) A very pretty dress, Cadet Girl (1941) Another lovely outfit, Cadet Girl (1941) With George Montgomery at the Automat, Cadet Girl
Cadet Girl (1941) With George Montgomery, Cadet Girl (1941) Portrait from Cadet Girl (1941) Carole in the middle, Cadet Girl (1941) Caring for John Shepperd, Cadet Girl (1941) Preparing for the real thing, Cadet Girl (1941) In her element, Cadet Girl (1941) Making the boys laugh, Screenland October 1941 Serious Carole in lavender (1941) (family collection) Making the men cry, Screenland October 1941
Between Gene Markey and Raoul Walsh, Silver Screen October 1941 A ravishing color shot (1941) A layered negligee, Movies November 1941 Carole's Chinese lamp (1941) Sinophilic Carole (1941), Screenland January 1942 The gracious hostess, Screenland January 1942 Luminous Carole (1941), Silver Screen March 1942 A haunting image, American Weekly September 19, 1948 An elegant portrait c. 1941 NEXT


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