Carole Landis 10: 1941-1942

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PREVIOUS Another seductive shot (1941) Same shot on Broadway, A Lady Says Yes (January 1945) And on the cover of The Family Circle January 1942 A similar shot c. 1941 Carole in autumn, New York Sunday News November 9, 1941 Two baseball fans, Movie Life December 1941 Another Mocambo shot (1941-collection of Philip Castanza) On stage at the Roxy Theatre, NY premiere of A Yank in the RAF, October 6, 1941 With mom (1941), Movie Life January 1943
Carving the turkey, November 1941 A silhouette by James Montgomery Flagg (1941) Simple but beautiful, Song Hits December 1941 Carole and Linda on a train, December 1941, Screen Guide March 1942 Carole playing gin, December 1941, Screen Guide March 1942 Partying with the boys, Pic February 3, 1942 Dancing in the dark, Pic February 3, 1942 Signed on the back, Pic February 3, 1942 Lobby card from A Gentleman at Heart (1942) Foursome from A Gentleman at Heart (1942)
*Shutting up Miltie, A Gentleman at Heart With Simone Simon and a soldier c. 1942 Collecting relief food with Cesar With Kay Kyser and Marlene kicking off the war effort, Movie Life, March 1942 A kiss from Cesar, Modern Screen March, 1942 With Navy man Tony Martin, Movie Life April 1942 At the blood bank with de Mille, Life February 16, 1942 Carole the Aerial Nurse, Pic March 12, 1942 Carole the ditch-digger, Pic March 12, 1942 Carole the athlete, Pic March 12, 1942
A pretty hat, Movie-Radio Guide March 14, 1942 Wartime singing in LA c. 1942 Carole by the pool c. 1942 Lounging by the pool c. 1942 Another beach shot c. 1942, Modern Life Stories 1947-48 Carole in her bedroom c. 1942 Carole in her den, Movie Stars Parade April 1942 As Mae in My Gal Sal (1942) Happy Mae, My Gal Sal (1942) Mae in a hat, My Gal Sal (1942)
Giving a kick in silkless hose, Movie Life April 1942 My Gal Sal pinup (1942) Sweet Mae, Screen Guide May 1942 Saucy Mae, Play May 1943 With Victor Mature, My Gal Sal (1942) Sweetheart in a sweater, Stardom March 1942 The sweetheart in color Carole descending a staircase, Movie Stars Parade April 1942 Carole's glorious figure (1942) NEXT


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