Carole Landis 21: 1948

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PREVIOUS If looks could kill: Lilli Palmer (far left) and Carole, Movie Show February 1948 Fatal attraction, with Rex Harrison in London (1948) With Laurence Olivier, Modern Screen March 1948 A scene from Carole's last film, Noose (1948) A contemplative pose, Noose (1948) The star reporter, Noose (1948) Finir en beauté, Noose (1948) Smashing the gang leader, Noose (1948) *Sweet Carole in Noose (1948)
Carole's last Easter (1948-family collection) The photographer photographed (1948-family collection) Carole's last photograph? May 4, 1948, Movie Life August 1948 A certain sadness c. 1948 (family collection) Carole's last word - July 2, 1948


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