Carole Landis 20: 1947-1948

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PREVIOUS Domestic Carole in her last American film, Out of the Blue (1947) Another shot of the loving couple, Out of the Blue Carole in bed, Out of the Blue (1947) Carole on the balcony, Out of the Blue (1947) Another ensemble from Out of the Blue (1947) Portrait from Out of the Blue (1947) A very late sweater shot Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp at home (1947-family collection) With brother Lawrence, Easter 1947 (family collection)
With Lawrence's children, Easter 1947 (family collection) Carole vivante: New York Sunday News March 1947 The same outfit in an Esquire pinup, July 1947 And on the last page of the Westmore beauty book (1947) Sweetly pensive; Liberty July 1947 A late autograph c. 1947 A late advertising shot (1947) A late swimsuit shot, Silver Screen September 1947 A less attractive suit (1947) Another similar shot, Cinemonde July 27, 1948
A late fashion shot, Photoplay September 1947 Trying on a Florell hat, Screenland September 1947 Carole in a raincoat, Movie Life October 1947 At the Indy 500, May 31, 1947 (family collection) At the Indy 500 with Mauri Rose, Life June 9, 1947 The kiss of victory, May 31, 1947 Many Jills in a jeep (Carole at top left), Fall 1947 British Carole c. 1947 A beautiful late portrait c. 1947 *A more relaxed version
Carole's last birthday; Picturegoer January 1948 Headed for England, The Brass Monkey (1947) Carole in her penultimate film The Brass Monkey (1947) The jig is up, The Brass Monkey (1947) A publicity shot for The Brass Monkey (1947) A late stage shot c. 1947 On Les Wotton's bike, Speedway Gazette, November 1, 1947 A Walter Bird portrait (London, 1947) Another from the same series (1947-family collection) Walter Bird portrait with dog (1947-family collection)
The same dress at the command performance of The Bishop's Wife, November 25, 1947 Late portrait in a suit (1947-family collection) With Carroll Levis, Picture Show November 15, 1947 Carole's mature beauty (1947-family collection) A closer look (1947-family collection), Carole with elephants (1947-family collection), Carole with flags (1947-family collection), Another British New Year's cover (1948) Carole's last cover, one of her loveliest, Band Wagon (UK) February 1948 NEXT


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