Carole Landis 13: 1942-1943

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PREVIOUS Carole with a projector (1942), American Cinematographer April 1943 Carole on tour c. 1942, Titter April 1950 Preparing for marriage, January 1943 Arriving at the church with Kay Francis, Picture Post January 23, 1943 Wedding #3, January 1943 The bride with Kay Francis Waving goodbye Mitzi, Kay, Carole, and Tommy, January 1943 (family collection) The new bride, January 1943
Three Jills, January 1943 (family collection) *The jills in Algeria Carole in Africa? or at home? Saturday Evening Post January 15, 1944 The bride in color c. 1943 A less appealing color shot c. 1943 Wartime wife, from American Magazine March 1943 With Donner, Look June 29, 1943 Relaxing with a book c. 1943 Carole in a chow line, Stardom June, 1943 With Mitzi in England, Saturday Evening Post, January 8, 1944
The heroine returns, Screen Guide June 1943 A veteran of true experiences Carole at home c. 1943 Carole at home with dog c. 1943 Carole en famille (1943-family collection) With Donner (1943-family collection) Bemedaled Carole, Movie Stars Parade June 1943 A better angle (1943) The whole world in her hands, Movie Stars Parade June 1943 Visiting one more army base c. 1943
At Dorothy Lamour's wedding, April 7, 1943 With Jane Wyman Carole at the easel (1943-family collection) Carole with Sidney Skolsky, Life May 3, 1943 Carole in pink, New York Sunday News May 9, 1943 A funny hat, Movie-Radio Guide June 1943 Same hat, wistful look With Bombardier Captain McKee, Photoplay August 1943 Recruiting between Tracy and Armstrong, Movie Story August 1943 Together at the Stork Club c. 1943
Carole in bengaline, Motion Picture September 1943 Carole on the farm, Screenland September 1943 Carole the blacksmith, Stardom September 1943 Another of those 40s swimsuits, Movie Stars Parade October 1943 A familiar pinup, Movies August 1943 A signed pinup (1943) Surfing Carole, US Camera April 1944 With Fayard Nicholas, Life, September 6,1943 Christening a Navy ship, Movie Stars Parade October 1943 NEXT


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