Carole Landis 12: 1942

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PREVIOUS Girls and boys, Orchestra Wives (1942) With Glenn Miller, Orchestra Wives Orchestra Wives (1942) A quizzical look, Orchestra Wives (1942) Portrait from January 1944 Movie Stars Parade (1942) Carole en blanc majeur, Orchestra Wives (1942) A popular signed photo (1942) ...and with a smile, Stardom August 1942 Glittering Carole, Silver Screen September 1942
Not the usual Chesterfield ad A doggy cover, Our Dogs Summer 1942 Another doggy cover,  October 4, 1942 Stars and heroes, Life July 13, 1942 *Stars and heroes, from a different angle With publicist Alan Gordon, Screen Romances October 1942 Rewarding war hero Ensign Francis Pinter, Screen Romances October 1942 Autograph for victory, Screen Guide October 1942 Healing Carole, Manila Calling (1942) Healing on a lobby card, Manila Calling (1942)
Sultry Carole, Manila Calling (1942) Smudged Carole, Manila Calling (1942) *Another view of the smudge Mediating Carole, Manila Calling (1942) Beguiling Carole, Manila Calling (1942) Beguiling on a table, Manila Calling (1942) Beguiling on a table bis, Manila Calling (1942) With some War Bond kids, Motion Picture October 1942 Carole's famous sigh, June 11, 1942, Movies August 1943 Preparing for The Powers Girl (1942) with too much lipstick
At the head of the table, The Powers Girl (1942) Carole triumphant, The Powers Girl (1942) Posing for George, The Powers Girl (1942) Made-up Carole, The Powers Girl (1942) A Spanish Powers Girl with Carole in the lead That terrible hair-do, The Powers Girl (1942) A Powers Girl fashion shot (1942) Another Powers Girl fashion shot (1942), Photoplay February 1943 With Reginald Gardner at Joan Bennett's war benefit (September 4), Movie Story December 1942 With Dorothy Lamour and Alan Gordon, September 4, 1942
A family snapshot, September 1942 Carole with dog, September 1942 Relaxed Carole, Screen Guide January 1943 Happy in uniform (1942), Screen Guide January 1943 A great patriot, Silver Screen July 1943 Fun with a hammock (1942), Screen Guide January 1943 Spreading the smokes (1942-family collection) Beauty and bluejacket, Movie Stars Parade December 1942 An endearing shot (1942), Movie Stars Parade March 1943 NEXT


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