Editorial Policy

Submission Deadlines (changed 4/2010)
September 1
for the Fall issue (out ~10/15)
March 1 for the Spring issue (out ~4/15)


Submissions will be reviewed by one or more members of the editorial board; if necessary, other scholars may be consulted.


In judging submissions, we will give priority to:

  1. Work directly relevant to generative anthropology;
  2. Work in “fundamental anthropology” based on the mimetic theory of desire;
  3. Work in the humanities or human sciences that involves fundamental reflection on the human.

Articles need not express agreement with the ideas or methods of generative anthropology nor make them their chief focus, but submissions that do not engage in any way with these ideas and methods cannot be considered.


  • Length: Normally between 5000 and 10,000 words.
  • Style: Either MLA or Chicago style is acceptable.
  • Format: Microsoft Word (or Word Perfect) is preferred. Please leave no spaces around em dashes (written–like this) but add them between suspension points ( . . . ); put . and , (but not ? or ! or ; or : ) inside (single or double) quotation marks. Do not use both footnotes and endnotes.
  • Bibliography: Documentation in text and notes should be supported by a bibliography of works cited.
  • Non-English quotations should be followed immediately in the text by a translation in [brackets].
  • Links: Please be sure to verify all hyperlinks included in your article.

Please include with your submission:

    • Benchmark: A brief paragraph about yourself; some recent examples: XIII, 2 | XIV, 1
    • Address information: The institutional and/or street address and email address that you wish to include at the head of your article.

Please send your submission via email to:


or you may mail a CD/diskette to:

Eric Gans, Editor
UCLA French & Francophone Studies
Los Angeles CA 90095-1550