Roman Katsman is a Full Professor in the Department of Literature of the Jewish People, Bar-Ilan University, Israel. He is the author of the books The Time of Cruel Miracles: Mythopoesis in Dostoevsky and Agnon (2002), Poetics of Becoming: Dynamic Processes of Mythopoesis in Modern and Postmodern Hebrew and Slavic Literature (2005), At the Other End of Gesture: Anthropological Poetics of Gesture in Modern Hebrew Literature (2008), ‘A Small Prophecy’: Sincerity and Rhetoric in the Works of S.Y. Agnon (2013), Literature, History, Choice: The Principle of Alternative History in Literature (2013), Nostalgia for a Foreign Land: Studies in Russian-Language Literature in Israel (2016). Beginning with his article in Hebrew on GA in Agnon’s works (2001), Katsman has written on the issues of GA in almost every one of his publications in English and Hebrew. Also his new book Laughter in the Heaven: Symbols of Laughter in the Works by S.Y. Agnon that is expected in 2018 incorporates originary thinking in its method.

Marina Ludwigs teaches English Literature at Stockholm University. She has a PhD in Comparative Literature from UC Irvine and has worked with, and presented papers on, both Girardian theory and Generative Anthropology. Her current interest is bringing into dialogue narratology and Generative Anthropology.

Richard van Oort is Professor of English at the University of Victoria. In 2014 he organized the GA conference in Victoria and in 2018 was elected to the office of President of the Generative Anthropology Society and Conference. He has published over 20 articles and is the author of two books, The End of Literature: Essays in Anthropological Aesthetics (Davies Group, 2009) and Shakespeare’s Big Men: Tragedy and the Problem of Resentment (University of Toronto Press, 2016). Links to his articles can be found here.

Dr. Joakim Wrethed is associate professor and senior lecturer in English Literature at Stockholm University. He primarily explores the contemporary novel in English without any particular emphasis on national boundaries. He has published on several contemporary authors, including John Banville, Margaret Atwood, Don DeLillo and Tom McCarthy. Phenomenology, epistemology, aesthetics, technology and theology are overarching themes in his scholarly work.