Carole Landis 17: 1944

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PREVIOUS Glowing Carole, Photoplay October 1944 Golden Carole, Silver Screen November 1944 With Sinatra and Roy Rogers, Modern Screen, November 1944 Golden Carole in a strange hat (1944) The dream girl, New York Sunday News November 12, 1944 The eternal feminine, US Camera December 1944 Bookish Carole, Stardom July 1944 At her desk, Stardom July 1944 A colorful living room, Stardom July 1944
By the piano, Stardom July 1944 Relaxing on the sofa, Stardom July 1944 With Peter Stackpole, c. 1944 At her dressing table (1944) A lovely face, Screen Stars January 1945 We've seen this suit before, Eyeful October 1944 A signed copy At the Sunset Plaza, c. 1944 A friendly autograph, Movie Stars Parade October 1944 Comforting Carole (1944-family collection)
En route with Jack Benny and Martha Tilton (1944), Movie Show January 1945 On tour with Jack Benny (courtesy of Jim Salley) With Jack and a couple of officers The troupe: Adler, Benny, Tilton, Bruner, Carole Keeping up their spirits *On the chow line in the South Pacific A quiet moment with Jack (1944-family collection) Somewhere in the South Pacific (1944) In the South Pacific (1944) Jills in a jeep (1944)
With Benny, Larry Adler, Martha Tilton, June Bruner in New Guinea (photo by Jerome J. Schrenk) Offering a cigarette (photo by Jerome J. Schrenk) Carole with her new friend (photo by Jerome J. Schrenk) A nice shot of Carole (photo by Jerome J. Schrenk) Adjusting her turban (photo by Jerome J. Schrenk) *Singing in a pretty dress Singing in the tropics (1944) Caring Carole, Motion Picture December 1944 Jitterbugging Carole, Motion Picture December 1944 On stage on Oahu (1944)
*With M 2/c Robert Smiley in the Pacific, September 1944 The soldiers' sweetheart (1944-family collection) Carole's sex appeal (1944-family collection) Carole on Okinawa God's gift to the Marines (1944-family collection) Bringing beauty to the boys (1944-family collection) Four times as beautiful (1944-family collection) Carole and friends in New Guinea (1944) With pen and cigarette (1944-from Henry James, Allen Park MI) NEXT


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