Carole Landis 15: 1944

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PREVIOUS The four Jills, Song Parade June 1944 A striking portrait, Stardom February 1944 A tinge of sadness (1944) A smart outfit, 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) V for Victory, c. 1944 Keeping warm, 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) An autographed version (1944) Roughing it, 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) On the back cover of Parade (UK), August 5, 1944
Lovely Carole, Chicago Sunday Tribune February 6, 1944 With Don Wilson at the Sullivans premiere, February 21, 1944 With Jack Carson after a radio show, Motion Picture April 1944 At the Mocambo with ex Willis Hunt, Screen Romances April 1944 Colorful Carole, Silver Screen, April 1944 Glamorous Carole, Secret Command (1944) Friends, not lovers, Secret Command (1944) Red-haired Carole c. 1944 Sweeter in the same dress c. 1944 With Officer Langford on a Harley, Enthusiast May 1944
Helping with the war effort, Motion Picture June 1944 Carole in lavender, Movie Stars Parade June 1944 Making herself beautiful, Secret Command (1944) Worried Carole, Secret Command (1944) With Ruth Warrick, Secret Command (1944) Explaining Carole, Secret Command (1944) In a more relaxed mood, Secret Command (1944) A family scene, Secret Command (1944) The plot thickens, Secret Command (1944) A dangerous moment, Secret Command (1944)
A crucial moment, Secret Command Passionate Carole, Secret Command (1944) Carole selling pearls, Movie Show April 1944 Carole in her butterfly dress, Screenland May 1944 A joke with Victor, Screen Stars June 1944 A slightly ironic glamour girl Mysterious Carole, Secret Command (1944) Mysterious Carole bis, Secret Command (1944) Mysterious and intense Carole, Secret Command (1944) A signed version for some GIs (1944)
Star and idol, c. 1944 St. Patrick's Day c. 1944 The St. Patrick's swimsuit (1944) The pinup girl, Movie Stars Parade August 1944 The pinup girl in yellow, Motion Picture August 1944 A slightly different pose (1944) A happy married moment (1944) From the same series (1944-family collection) In the National Police Gazette December 1944 NEXT


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