Carole Landis Sweaters

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The sweater girl c. 1941 A sweeter sweater girl c. 1941 Quizzical sweater girl Movie Stars Parade August 1941 Sweater girl with an inch off on top. A sweater cover, Broadcast Songs August 1943 Sweater cover girl, Screenland June 1941 A lovely cover, Movies July 1941 The sweater girl in a more intimate pose c. 1941 Happy sweater girl c. 1941, Screenland July 1943 Athletic sweater girl, Life June 30, 1941
Sweetheart in a sweater, Stardom March 1942 Bemedaled Carole, Movie Stars Parade June 1943 A better angle (1943) Carole in pink, New York Sunday News May 9, 1943 Keeping warm, 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) An autographed version (1944) A great pinup shot, Soldier, June 8, 1946 A very late sweater shot


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