Carole Landis Pinups

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In high spirits c. 1938 The Ping girl in bed, Life June 17, 1940 The Ping girl in her dressing room, Life, June 17, 1940 Gymnastic Carole, Life June 17, 1940 Carole in her bath, Screen Guide August 1940 Between leg art and glamour (1940) The Landis line, Motion Picture October 1940 Carole in a tennis costume, Topper Returns (1940) An aristocratic pose, Moon over Miami (1941) One of Carole's sexier pictures, Life June 30, 1941
Carole by the pool c. 1942 Lounging by the pool c. 1942 *Golden Carole A classic pinup, c. 1942 Reclining Carole, Screen Guide July 1942 Carole en blanc majeur, Orchestra Wives (1942) ...and with a smile, Stardom August 1942 Glittering Carole, Silver Screen September 1942 Beguiling on a table, Manila Calling (1942) Beguiling on a table bis, Manila Calling (1942)
Relaxed Carole, Screen Guide January 1943 A throwback to Carole's 'leg art' period (1944) Another leggy shot (1944) And still another (1944) The happiest version, in Costume Design in the Movies (1944) A popular pinup (1944) The same poster two years later, Screenland September 1946 Same photo, a bit less airbrushed, Movieland September 1946 The same outfit in an Esquire pinup, July 1947


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