Carole Landis Performance/Sport

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Already in the front row, c. 1925 (family collection) Carole the hula dancer, c. 1936 (family collection) Carole at croquet, Click July, 1940 With John Hubbard (1940-family collection) Carole on skates, Movie Life November 1940 Exercising Carole (1940), Movie Stars Parade March 1941 Another biking shot (1940), Movie Stars Parade March 1941 Screaming Carole, Movie-Radio Guide March 22, 1941 A ravishing color shot (1941) On stage at the Roxy Theatre, NY premiere of A Yank in the RAF, October 6, 1941
Carole at rehearsal, June 1942 Carole's famous sigh, June 11, 1942, Movies August 1943 With Fayard Nicholas, Life, September 6,1943 Singing for the boys c. 1943 With John Garfield and Bob Paige at the "Johnny Eager" broadcast, May 10, 1943 On 'Command Performance,' October 1943 (Movie Stars Parade February 1944) Red-haired Carole c. 1944 On the air with Robert Young, Movies August 1944 With Sinatra and Roy Rogers, Modern Screen, November 1944 *Singing in a pretty dress
Singing in the tropics (1944) Jitterbugging Carole, Motion Picture December 1944 On stage on Oahu (1944) Four times as beautiful (1944-family collection) Brooklyn Armed Guard Center January 1945 (1) Brooklyn Armed Guard Center January 1945 (2) Brooklyn Armed Guard Center January 1945 (4) With Jacqueline Susann and Evelyn Ayres in A Lady Says Yes (1945) On stage in A Lady Says Yes, 1945 Jitterbugging Carole, with Cesar (11/1945), Movie Life February 1946
After the dance, Movie Life February 1946 With Jackie Gleason at the Earle Theater, Philadelphia, August 1946 A late stage shot c. 1947


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