Carole Landis Movie Publicity

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Carole the Golddigger (1) Film Fun July 1938 Carole the Golddigger (2) Film Fun July 1938 The golddigger from another angle Poster shot from Three Texas Steers (1939) Determined Loana, Film Fun, July 1940 Loana on the rocks (1939) Woman and snake, 1 Million BC (1939) Another snakey shot, 1 Million BC (1939) Riding a mammoth, 1 Million BC (1939) Sharing a cigarette (1939)
Relaxing on the set, Film Fun September 1940 Loana in red, New York Sunday Mirror 1940 Loana in black and white, Click July, 1940 The Turnabout title card (1940) Carole front and center, Turnabout (1940) Sauce for the swan? (1940) Carole as Leda? Turnabout (1940) The Turnabout dress in suspended animation (1940) The Turnabout dress in the throes of passion (1940) Powerful Carole on the set of Mystery Sea Raider (1940)
Upside-down Carole, Screen Guide November 1940 Acrobatic Carole, Screenland December 1940 Title card from Road Show (1940) Lobby card from Road Show (1940) Conked in Road Show (1940) On the carousel, Road Show (1940) With John Hubbard, Road Show (1940) Making up Carole c. 1940 A decorative Carole, Topper Returns (1940) Decorative closeup, Topper Returns (1940)
A happier Carole, Topper Returns (1940) With Dennis O'Keefe, Topper Returns (1940) Made up by a Westmore With Betty and Bob, Moon over Miami (1941) *Two happy couples, Moon over Miami (1941) The couples pair off, Moon over Miami (1941) *That vase again, Moon over Miami (1941) Title Card from Dance Hall (1941) Carole and Cesar III, Dance Hall (1941) Carole and Cesar III in black & white, Dance Hall (1941)
Dancing with Venus, Dance Hall (1941) Carole at her loveliest, Dance Hall (1941) The five principals, I Wake up Screaming (1941) Dress from I Wake up Screaming (1941) Beauty and glamour (1941) A very sweet shot (1941) A closer version (1941) An autographed version (1941) Beautiful profile from I Wake up Screaming (1941) Title card from Cadet Girl (1941)
Cadet Girl (1941) With George Montgomery, Cadet Girl (1941) Portrait from Cadet Girl (1941) Carole in the middle, Cadet Girl (1941) Same shot on Broadway, A Lady Says Yes (January 1945) Lobby card from A Gentleman at Heart (1942) As Mae in My Gal Sal (1942) Happy Mae, My Gal Sal (1942) Mae in a hat, My Gal Sal (1942) Giving a kick in silkless hose, Movie Life April 1942
My Gal Sal pinup (1942) Sweet Mae, Screen Guide May 1942 Saucy Mae, Play May 1943 Veiled and vivacious, Screen Guide May 1942 Lobby card with Lloyd Nolan in It Happened in Flatbush (1942) A less formal pose, It Happened in Flatbush (1942) Going batty with Lloyd Nolan, It Happened in Flatbush A lovely outfit from It Happened in Flatbush, Screen Romances June 1942 At bat in It Happened in Flatbush (1942) Orchestra Wives (1942)
A quizzical look, Orchestra Wives (1942) Beguiling Carole, Manila Calling (1942) Preparing for The Powers Girl (1942) with too much lipstick Posing for George, The Powers Girl (1942) Made-up Carole, The Powers Girl (1942) A Spanish Powers Girl with Carole in the lead That terrible hair-do, The Powers Girl (1942) With Cesar Romero, Wintertime (1943) A happier shot of C & C, Wintertime (1943) A wintertime closeup, Wintertime (1943)
A romantic moment, Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) The Jills in their jeep, Four Jills in a Jeep Carole in the 'whisper dress', 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) From the same series The 4 Jills cast, Movie Story March 1944 The four Jills, Song Parade June 1944 Roughing it, 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) On the back cover of Parade (UK), August 5, 1944 Glamorous Carole, Secret Command (1944) Friends, not lovers, Secret Command (1944)
Passionate Carole, Secret Command (1944) In the money with Pat (1944) Cute ad for Having Wonderful Crime (1944) Lobby card I from Having Wonderful Crime (1944) With George, Pat, and Lenore Aubert, Motion Picture September 1944 Lobby card II from Having Wonderful Crime (1944) Lobby card III from Having Wonderful Crime (1944) Girl with a gun, Having Wonderful Crime (1944) Nice smile from Behind Green Lights (1945) Lobby (title) card from Scandal in Paris (1945)
Bedroom shot from Scandal in Paris (1945-collection of Philip Castanza) The 'Flame' costume from Scandal in Paris (1945) Another 'Flame' pose (1945) Smiling Flame Girl, Silver Screen May 1946 Stitching the Flame costume, Scandal in Paris (1945) A lovely dress from Scandal in Paris (1945), Screen Guide July 1946 The same dress in black and white (1945) The seductress (1945), Movie World August 1946 *Title card from It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946) With Allyn Joslyn from It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946)
Title card from Out of the Blue (1947) Carole in her penultimate film The Brass Monkey (1947) A publicity shot for The Brass Monkey (1947) A contemplative pose, Noose (1948) *Sweet Carole in Noose (1948)


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