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At 15, with sister Dorothy c. 1934 B. C. Carole with brother Lawrence, his wife Helen, and mother Clara, Dec. 13, 1939 (family collection) Just married: Carole and Willis Hunt, July 5, 1940 Carole with puppies, Screen Guide July 1941 Carole in the looking glass, Screen Guide July 1941 Making the men cry, Screenland October 1941 Carole's Chinese lamp (1941) Sinophilic Carole (1941), Screenland January 1942 The gracious hostess, Screenland January 1942 With mom (1941), Movie Life January 1943
Carving the turkey, November 1941 Carole in her bedroom c. 1942 Carole in her den, Movie Stars Parade April 1942 Carole's secret boyfriend, Tab August 21, 1942 A family snapshot, September 1942 Carole with dog, September 1942 Preparing for marriage, January 1943 Wedding #3, January 1943 Waving goodbye Mitzi, Kay, Carole, and Tommy, January 1943 (family collection)
The new bride, January 1943 Three Jills, January 1943 (family collection) Wartime wife, from American Magazine March 1943 With Donner, Look June 29, 1943 Relaxing with a book c. 1943 Carole at home c. 1943 Carole at home with dog c. 1943 Carole en famille (1943-family collection) With Donner (1943-family collection) Carole at the easel (1943-family collection)
Together at the Stork Club c. 1943 Carole and another friend (1943) An autographed version (1943) Carole and friend in color (1943) Carole with cats c. 1943 Carole loved dogs c. 1943 At the typewriter (October 1943), Screen Guide December 1943 Carole and Donner (1943), Motion Picture April 1944 With her new puppy Splash, Motion Picture April 1944 The same dress, off the set
V for Victory, c. 1944 A happy married moment (1944) From the same series (1944-family collection) Carole in her living room (1944) Listening to the phonograph (1944) The eternal feminine, US Camera December 1944 Bookish Carole, Stardom July 1944 At her desk, Stardom July 1944 A colorful living room, Stardom July 1944 By the piano, Stardom July 1944
Relaxing on the sofa, Stardom July 1944 Not yet Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp (1945) With a pearl choker (1945-collection of Philip Castanza) Carole in the garden c. 1945 (collection of Philip Castanza) A beautiful fiancée (Fall 1945), Movie Stars Parade March 1946 Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp (1946-family collection) Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp at play (1946-family collection) Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp at home (1947-family collection) With brother Lawrence, Easter 1947 (family collection) With Lawrence's children, Easter 1947 (family collection)
Carole's last Easter (1948-family collection) The photographer photographed (1948-family collection)


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