Carole Landis Favorites

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The most beautiful picture of Carole, or of anyone (1940) A sweet pose, autographed (1940) Even more stunning, if possible (1940) Carole in ermine (1940) Carole in a negligee (1940) In a pensive mood Carole's saddest portrait (1940) A lovely cover, Cinelandia August 1940 The Landis line, Motion Picture October 1940 The most beautiful girl in the world, Screen Guide April 1941
With General Mauborgne, Mme Zanuck (February, 1941) Sad Carole Which one would you look at? Moon over Miami (1941) A magnificent portrait, Moon over Miami (1941) A brighter variant, Moon over Miami (1941) An aristocratic pose, Moon over Miami (1941) Determined Carole, Colliers May 10, 1941 Sweater girl with an inch off on top. Carole and Cesar III, Dance Hall (1941) Venus at the microphone, Dance Hall (1941)
Carole at her loveliest, Dance Hall (1941) Just plain beautiful, Dance Hall (1941) Just plain beautiful in color, Dance Hall (1941) Soft femininity, Dance Hall (1941) Romantic Carole c. 1941 (family collection) Beautiful profile from I Wake up Screaming (1941) A ravishing color shot (1941) Luminous Carole (1941), Silver Screen March 1942 Carole's glorious figure (1942) Carole in Africa? or at home? Saturday Evening Post January 15, 1944
Carole with cats c. 1943 Carole in the 'whisper dress', 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) A striking portrait, Stardom February 1944 Carole's radiant smile, Having Wonderful Crime (1944) The happiest version, in Costume Design in the Movies (1944) A stunning 1944 portrait (family collection) In the South Pacific (1944) Carole's sex appeal (1944-family collection) Bringing beauty to the boys (1944-family collection) A very lovely autograph (1945)
A captivating face (1945) A lovely dress from Scandal in Paris (1945), Screen Guide July 1946 Au naturel in color, New York Sunday News November 4, 1945 A great pinup shot, Soldier, June 8, 1946 Carole vivante: New York Sunday News March 1947 *A more relaxed version Carole's mature beauty (1947-family collection) Carole's last cover, one of her loveliest, Band Wagon (UK) February 1948


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