Carole Landis Fashion

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An early modeling shot c. 1937 (family collection) A color cutout version Young Carole in furs (1937) An early hairdo, Pictorial Review August 1938 An uncomfortable dress c. 1938 An early and personal autograph c. 1939 Cute hat, lovely smile c. 1939, O Cruzeiro February 4, 1961 Elegant simplicity c. 1939 A more appealing pose c. 1939 (family collection) An awkward pose c. 1939 (family collection)
A cheerful pose c. 1939 (family collection) A girl and her dog c. 1939 (family collection) A sunny outfit c. 1939 (family collection) A magnificent dress c. 1939 A lovely ensemble c. 1939 (family collection) Modeling with dog c. 1939 Nice jacket, but the turban... c. 1939 (family collection) Carole in a hairnet (1939-family collection) Carole in furs (1939-family collection) Smiling Carole in furs (1939-family collection)
Modeling costume jewelry (1939) A striking modeling shot (1939) Loana as model, 1 Million BC (1939) Lovely Carole in an early fashion shot, Photoplay June 1940 Another shot from the same page, Photoplay June 1940 Modeling in a suede dress, April 1940 The same outfit in a fashion shot, Cinelandia October 1940 A Turnabout fashion shot (1940) Even more stunning, if possible (1940) Carole in a negligee (1940)
Carole in mink (1940) Carole in suede (1940) An alluring pose, Picture Play December 1940 Carole in plaid, Topper Returns (1940) Carole with handkerchief (1940), Screen Guide February 1941 A summer dress (1940-collection of Philip Castanza) Polka-dot Carole, New York Sunday Mirror March 19, 1941 Carole in rayon c. 1941 Reclining in rayon c. 1941 Carole in fur, August 1941
Wardrobe shot, Dance Hall (1941) A 1941 bare midriff, Silver Screen March 1942 The midriff in black and white (1941) Jeune Carole en fleur c. 1941 Jeune Carole en couleur c. 1941 A lovely déshabillé, I Wake Up Screaming (1941) A lovely négligée, I Wake Up Screaming (1941) Glamorous Carole, I Wake up Screaming (1941) A costume still from Cadet Girl (1941) A velvet robe from Cadet Girl (1941)
A very pretty dress, Cadet Girl (1941) Another lovely outfit, Cadet Girl (1941) A layered negligee, Movies November 1941 A pretty hat, Movie-Radio Guide March 14, 1942 A slightly cynical expression, Movies May 1942 In her Easter bonnet c. 1942, Photoplay May 1943 A hat made from a remnant, Australian Women's Weekly August 8, 1942 The décolleté was raised before shooting, It Happened in Flatbush (1942) Another pose, It Happened in Flatbush (1942) An elegant pose, Screen Guide July 1942
Sultry Carole, Manila Calling (1942) A Powers Girl fashion shot (1942) Another Powers Girl fashion shot (1942), Photoplay February 1943 Carole with Sidney Skolsky, Life May 3, 1943 A funny hat, Movie-Radio Guide June 1943 Same hat, wistful look Carole in bengaline, Motion Picture September 1943 A simple fashion shot, Silver Screen September 1943 We'll see this one in Wintertime, Silver Screen September 1943 The 'sigh' dress, Silver Screen September 1943
Last of a series, Silver Screen September 1943 A lovely dress, Silver Screen November 1943 A striking portrait, Stardom February 1944 A smart outfit, 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) Colorful Carole, Silver Screen, April 1944 The black faille outfit (1944), Movies March 1945 The outfit with column (1944) Carole's radiant smile, Having Wonderful Crime (1944) Different hat, same vintage A costume from Having Wonderful Crime (1944)
With George Murphy (1944) courtesy of Well-dressed Carole, Motion Picture May 1944 First of three lovely fashion shots, Photoplay August 1944 Second of three lovely fashion shots, Photoplay August 1944 Another pose, Ecran December 31, 1946 Third of three lovely fashion shots, Photoplay August 1944 Golden Carole in a strange hat (1944) An elegant dress, Photoplay February 1945 (family collection) White and black, Photoplay February 1945 (family collection) Carole as Miss Manners, Screen Guide May 1945
Scent of a woman, Silver Screen June 1945 Love that perfume, Silver Screen June 1945 Carole in white and black, Photoplay November 1945 Carole on the sand, Photoplay July 1946 Three faces of Carole, Screenland August 1946 One more face of Carole, Screenland August 1946 Cleaning her glasses, Screen Stars December 1946 A late fashion shot, Photoplay September 1947 Trying on a Florell hat, Screenland September 1947 Carole in a raincoat, Movie Life October 1947


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