Carole Landis Color

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Carole in San Francisco? c. 1936 (family collection) Carole's first published photograph? Screen Book October, 1937 A color cutout version Carole on the cover, Pic July 12, 1938 Maternal Loana, 1 Million BC (1939) Attack of the colorized lizard, 1 Million BC Loana in bad lighting, Pic February 20, 1940 Loana in red, New York Sunday Mirror 1940 A steamy cover, Pic April 16, 1940 The Turnabout title card (1940)
From a family poster (1940-family collection) With Hubbard and Dole (1940-family collection) *Colorized version of Turnabout dog bath Lovely Carole in orange, Screen Life July 1940 An early cover, True Story September 1940 Colored version of the same picture, Picturegoer October 26, 1940 A colored variant, True Romances March 1941 Colorized Carole Carole in pink, Cinelandia September 1940 The same pose on a Turkish cover, Yildiz May 1944
Carole in red, Mystery Sea Raider (1940) Carole in her bath, Screen Guide August 1940 Flaming Carole, Screen Guide October 1940 Title card from Road Show (1940) Lobby card from Road Show (1940) Another shot with Alfred, Road Show (1940) Spinning the wheel, True Romances December 1940 An unflattering shot (1940) The star witness, Topper Returns (1940) A lovely cover, Cinelandia August 1940
The Landis line, Motion Picture October 1940 Polka-dot Carole, New York Sunday Mirror March 19, 1941 The most beautiful girl in the world, Screen Guide April 1941 A tasteful décolleté, Movie Life July 1941 Which one would you look at? Moon over Miami (1941) *"Miss Sears" with Betty and Charlotte, Moon over Miami (1941) Colorized seduction (1941), Hit Parader, July 1945 Sweater cover girl, Screenland June 1941 A lovely cover, Movies July 1941 Title Card from Dance Hall (1941)
Carole and Cesar I, Dance Hall (1941) Carole and Cesar II, Dance Hall (1941) Carole and Cesar III, Dance Hall (1941) Just plain beautiful in color, Dance Hall (1941) And on a 1947 Turkish magazine cover Carole in red, Screen Guide September 1941 A portrait by Tom Hall Jeune Carole en couleur c. 1941 A scarlet variant, Photoplay June 1943 Carole in red again, Silver Screen November 1941
Carole on the funnies page, September 25, 1941 Sisters again, I Wake up Screaming (1941) The five principals, I Wake up Screaming (1941) Title card from Cadet Girl (1941) Serious Carole in lavender (1941) (family collection) A ravishing color shot (1941) A haunting image, American Weekly September 19, 1948 And on the cover of The Family Circle January 1942 Carole in autumn, New York Sunday News November 9, 1941 Simple but beautiful, Song Hits December 1941
Lobby card from A Gentleman at Heart (1942) Wartime singing in LA c. 1942 The sweetheart in color Veiled and vivacious, Screen Guide May 1942 In her Easter bonnet c. 1942, Photoplay May 1943 A hat made from a remnant, Australian Women's Weekly August 8, 1942 Sultry Carole, Silver Screen May 1942 Summer cover girl, Movie Stars Parade June 1942 Screen Guide July 1942 On the beach, Photoplay September 1942
Lobby card with Lloyd Nolan in It Happened in Flatbush (1942) Lobby card from Orchestra Wives (1942) A doggy cover, Our Dogs Summer 1942 Another doggy cover,  October 4, 1942 Healing on a lobby card, Manila Calling (1942) At the head of the table, The Powers Girl (1942) A Spanish Powers Girl with Carole in the lead Relaxed Carole, Screen Guide January 1943 An endearing shot (1942), Movie Stars Parade March 1943 The bride in color c. 1943
A less appealing color shot c. 1943 Wartime wife, from American Magazine March 1943 Relaxing with a book c. 1943 A veteran of true experiences Carole in pink, New York Sunday News May 9, 1943 A funny hat, Movie-Radio Guide June 1943 Carole on the farm, Screenland September 1943 Carole the blacksmith, Stardom September 1943 Another of those 40s swimsuits, Movie Stars Parade October 1943 Lobby card with Jackie Gleason, Wintertime (1943)
Carole and friend (1943) Carole and friend in color (1943) A lovely dress, Silver Screen November 1943 Cover shot in the same dress, Philadelphia Inquirer, January 23, 1944 A tender portrait c. 1943 Movies January 1944 A romantic moment, Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) *The cut number on a lobby card, Four Jills in a Jeep (1944) Lovely Carole, Chicago Sunday Tribune February 6, 1944 Colorful Carole, Silver Screen, April 1944 Glamorous Carole, Secret Command (1944)
Red-haired Carole c. 1944 Sweeter in the same dress c. 1944 Carole in lavender, Movie Stars Parade June 1944 With Ruth Warrick, Secret Command (1944) Carole selling pearls, Movie Show April 1944 Carole in her butterfly dress, Screenland May 1944 The pinup girl in yellow, Motion Picture August 1944 A happy married moment (1944) Lobby card I from Having Wonderful Crime (1944) Lobby card II from Having Wonderful Crime (1944)
Lobby card III from Having Wonderful Crime (1944) A popular pinup (1944) The same poster two years later, Screenland September 1946 Same photo, a bit less airbrushed, Movieland September 1946 Carole's best known ad (1944) A lovely blouse and smile, Silver Screen June 1944 A candid shot from the same period (October 3, 1944) Selling war bonds, Screenland July 1944 Glowing Carole, Photoplay October 1944 Golden Carole, Silver Screen November 1944
Golden Carole in a strange hat (1944) The dream girl, New York Sunday News November 12, 1944 The eternal feminine, US Camera December 1944 Bookish Carole, Stardom July 1944 At her desk, Stardom July 1944 A colorful living room, Stardom July 1944 By the piano, Stardom July 1944 Relaxing on the sofa, Stardom July 1944 Carole in Hawaii, New Army-Navy Review October 1944 With William Gargan, Behind Green Lights (1945)
Worldly Carole, Chicago Sunday Tribune May 6, 1945 Carole in the USO, Colliers July 14, 1945 Carole in white and black, Photoplay November 1945 A sweet color shot (1945), Screen Guide January 1946 Lobby (title) card from Scandal in Paris (1945) Another lobby card from Scandal in Paris (1945) A lovely dress from Scandal in Paris (1945), Screen Guide July 1946 The seductress in color Au naturel in color, New York Sunday News November 4, 1945 Real and fictional Carole, Screenland May 1946
*Title card from It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946) Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp at play (1946-family collection) A great pinup shot, Soldier, June 8, 1946 Lee bathing suit ad, Screenland June 1946 Carole on the sand, Photoplay July 1946 On the cover of Primer Plano, November 17, 1946 Title card from Out of the Blue (1947) Mr and Mrs Schmidlapp at home (1947-family collection) Carole vivante: New York Sunday News March 1947 The same outfit in an Esquire pinup, July 1947
Sweetly pensive; Liberty July 1947 Carole's last birthday; Picturegoer January 1948 Another British New Year's cover (1948) Carole's last cover, one of her loveliest, Band Wagon (UK) February 1948 Finir en beauté, Noose (1948)


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