Carole Landis Autographs

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An early and personal autograph c. 1939 Same dress, atypically hard look (1940) A sweet pose, autographed (1940) A signed version (1941) An autographed version (1941) Same shot on Broadway, A Lady Says Yes (January 1945) 'Yours for victory' (1942) A popular signed photo (1942) Spreading the smokes (1942-family collection) Visiting one more army base c. 1943
A signed pinup (1943) A wintertime closeup, Wintertime (1943) An autographed version (1943) Carole in the 'whisper dress', 4 Jills in A Jeep (1944) An autographed version (1944) A signed version for some GIs (1944) A signed copy Carole's sex appeal (1944-family collection) A very lovely autograph (1945) A late autograph c. 1947
Carole's last word - July 2, 1948


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