About Our Contributors

Bjorn Beijnon is a lecturer at the Department of Media and Culture Studies, Utrecht University, the Netherlands. His interests lie in the embodied human perception of media and how humans come to create their own media. In his current research, he focusses on how the body is involved in understanding complex interfaces that are created by Virtual Reality (VR).

Elisabet Dellming is a lecturer at the Department of English, Stockholm University, Sweden. She received her PhD in 2015 for her doctoral thesis “Unsought, presented so easily”: A Phenomenological Study of Awe in the Poetical Works of Gerard Manley Hopkins. Her current research focusses questions concerning epistemology in the fiction of Marilynne Robinson.

Ian Dennis is Chair of the Department of English at the University of Ottawa and Secretary-Treasurer of the Generative Anthropology Society and Conference. He is the author of four novels, of the Girardian study Nationalism and Desire in Early Historical Fiction (Macmillan 1997), and of Lord Byron and the History of Desire (Delaware 2009), a work of literary criticism making substantial use of both mimetic theory and generative anthropology. He was the chief organiser of the 2009 GA conference in Ottawa, and co-organiser in 2013 at UCLA.

Marina Ludwigs teaches English Literature at Stockholm University. She has a PhD in Comparative Literature from UC Irvine and has worked with, and presented papers on, both Girardian theory and Generative Anthropology. Her current interest is bringing into dialogue narratology and Generative Anthropology.

Giles Whiteley is Docent (Reader) in English Literature at Stockholm University, focusing on the eighteenth and nineteenth century. He is the author of Aestheticism and the Philosophy of Death: Walter Pater and Post-Hegelianism (2010), nominated for the Balakian Prize, and Oscar Wilde and the Simulacrum: the Truth of Masks (2015). His forthcoming monograph on Schelling’s Reception in Nineteenth Century British Literature will be published by Palgrave Macmillan in 2018.

Dr. Joakim Wrethed currently works as a lecturer in English Literature at Stockholm University. He has hitherto mainly worked in Irish Studies but he also explores the contemporary novel in English more generally without any primary emphasis on national boundaries. Dr. Wrethed has published articles on several contemporary authors, including John Banville, Margaret Atwood, and Tom McCarthy. Phenomenology, aesthetics and theology are overarching themes in his scholarly work.

Magdalena Złocka-Dąbrowska is Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszynsky University in Warsaw, and a member of GASC since 2015. She is the author of a book, Analyse de l’œuvre de Georges Dumézil, un maître à penser (Toruń 2013) and articles that include “Puja. Hindu Temple Rituals”; “Comprehension ethnologique de l’oeuvre de Georges Dumézil”; “Metaphors, Simulacrum and European Imagination”; “Conception de la tripartition: Georges Dumézil et l’ensemble indo-européen” and others. Her current projects, “Consecutio Modorum: Mediation Between Two Concepts of Culture, Analog and Digital”, “Cratos as Cognition: Gans and Dumézil in Dialogue on Language and Violence” and “Generative Anthropology in the Cosmic Realms of the Mahabharata”, enter into the pathway of originary thinking and scenic logic. Professor Złocka-Dąbrowska is the organizer of the 2018 GASC, which will be held at the Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University.