The articles in this issue, all by prior contributors, deal with a variety of subjects. Andrew Bartlett’s originary analysis of science and memory begins an ambitious three-part sequence whose overall context is a study of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein and what it tells us about the problematic role of science in modern culture. Tom Bertonneau, our journal’s most faithful author, returns to the narratives of Henry James, the subject of his article in Anthropoetics‘ inaugural issue in June 1995, with a focus on the idolatrous consequences of the Nietzschean “death of God.” In a follow-up to her article in Anthropoetics XI, 2, Dawn Perlmutter expands on the gory but compelling and timely subject of Mujahideen ritual murder and “desecration.” Finally, Eric Gans‘s article on “White Guilt” elaborates on material that first appeared in the Chronicles of Love and Resentment.

About Our Contributors

Andrew Bartlett lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. He teaches composition and literary analysis at Kwantlen University College in Surrey (a suburb of Vancouver). Kwantlen has granted him an Educational Leave for the 2006-2007 academic year so that he might work on a book-length manuscript, Playing God: Science Fictions of the Artificial Human, a project in applied GA. He has attended several annual meetings of the Colloquium on Violence and Religion, and participates in Sparagmos! the Vancouver GA Group.

Thomas F. Bertonneau teaches English at SUNY Oswego.  He is a regular contributor to Modern Age, Intercollegiate Review, and The University Bookman, as well as to Praesidium and Anthropoetics.  His “Karen Blixen and the Apocalypse of Man” will appear in the forthcoming (Spring) number of Modern Age; his article on “Sacrifice and Sainthood: The Short Fiction of Walter M. Miller in Context” is forthcoming in Science Fiction Studies.  Bertonneau has contributed a study of Walter Pater to Adam Katz’s anthology of GA criticism, also forthcoming.  With Kim Paffenroth of Iona College, Bertonneau has written The Truth is Out There: Christian Faith and the Classics of TV Science Fiction, published in June 2006 by Brazos Press and available for purchase at  New among Bertonneau’s affiliations is his election to the editorial board of Pashuhesh-e Zabanha-ye Khareji (Research in Foreign Languages), a Persian-language quarterly published from the University of Tehran that annually issues an English-language or French-language special number.

Dawn Perlmutter, Director of the Institute for the Research of Organized & Ritual Violence and SEDGCAT LLC, is the author of Investigating Religious Terrorism & Ritualistic Crimes (CRC Press), Reclaiming the Spiritual in Art (SUNY Press), Graven Images: Creative Acts of Idolatry (UMI dissertation), and numerous publications on ritual violence, image worship / desecration and blood rituals in contemporary culture. Her primary current project is a Symbolic Evidence Database of Gangs Cults and Terrorists (SEDGCAT), a predominantly visual database that supports law enforcement professionals in identifying and analyzing emblems, insignia, sacred objects, rituals, ideologies, etc. of hundreds of organizations. She regularly trains law enforcement agencies throughout the United States, has advised Police Departments and Prosecutors’ offices on numerous cases of ritual homicide, and presented expert witness testimony on ritualistic crimes. As the subject matter expert on ritual murder she has been interviewed for many documentaries, newspapers and newscasts including The O’Reilly Factor, the Fox News Channel, Geraldo at Large, NBC, CBS, The Learning Channel, the CBC and the BBC. She holds a Doctor of Philosophy from New York University and a Masters Degree from The American University, Washington, D.C.

Eric Gans‘s CV may be found by clicking on his name below.